Loretta Young in LAUGH CLOWN LAUGH 1928

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A fifteen year old Loretta Young as she appeared in the 1928 classic LAUGH, CLOWN, LAUGH. Storyline - As professional clowns Tito and Simon are traveling (played respectively by Lon Chaney Sr and Bernard Siegel), they happen upon an abandoned child (Young), whom they take in and name Simonetta. When Simonetta is older, she becomes a circus performer herself. One day she is looking for roses, and climbs into the garden of Count Luigi Ravelli (Nils Asther). The count becomes infatuated with her, but she leaves as soon as possible. Sometime later, Ravelli consults a doctor about his fits of uncontrollable laughter, and there he meets Tito (Lon Chaney), who has come to seek help for his fits of uncontrollable weeping. The two decide to help each other, and they establish a friendship, but problems arise when they realize that they are both in love with Simonetta. Trivia – Director Herbert Brenon reportedly loved to pick on and ridicule the 14-year-old Loretta Young (note: Young turned 15 on day 18 of the 45-day shoot.) in her first big role, but was civil with her whenever Lon Chaney was present on the set. Chaney noticed this and never left her side, even if his character wasn't needed for shooting that day. He directed her throughout the shoot and became her surrogate father on the project. "I shall be beholden to that sensitive, sweet man until I die", said Young of Chaney.

Color enhanced image by Hollywood Pinups from the b&w original.

Loretta Young in LAUGH CLOWN LAUGH 1928 | Hollywood Pinups Color Prints
Loretta Young in LAUGH CLOWN LAUGH 1928 | Hollywood Pinups Color Prints